hello so to use do ads in live in app this is a new interesting feature so basically when you're recording some video just tap this button and this is how it works so it's similar to do add a feature on tick tock or instagram or any other like trending social media uh so basically you're recording some video oh anyways and then there is there is like a call to action to uh do it with me and then i can just post it as a normal life in post and this this will appear uh uh yeah this will appear in in the feed uh of course it can just appear in in the widget and then uh you of course need to have friends who can do it with you and who can just record this reaction um so you can invite friends from here but that's the feature and then to add live in widget you can just tap and hold and then add live in here so just add that widget and then people will be actually will see your you know you do it request and then we'll be able to react

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