here is snapchat plus if i tap on this button there is a feature called cost trails so to enable that um you just need to enable like this it's already enabled by default just when you subscribe and upgrade to snapchat plus so let's investigate what exactly that is so how does it work as snapchat plus subscriber you can see where your friends who shares their location with you have been in the last 24 hours with ghost trails you will only see ghost trails for friends on the map if they are making their location visible to you they have access to snapchat plus in their country and location sharing on the snap map is opting for all snapchatters and then tap on your friends bitmoji on the map to see their ghost trail so just go to snap map find your friend and tap on their bitmoji on their like icon and you will see that but this feature is not working for everyone and it's quite limited at the moment um so you'll only see ghost trails for friends who are sharing their map location with you are in country where snapchat plus is available so already snapchat plus is at the moment not available in every country it's only like in us uk a few other countries and have snapchat version 11.85 or newer so if your friends have that then you will see this ghost trail and then you can clear your own ghost trail by toggling ghost mode on and then off in your snap settings so that's what i just did so i just want to turn it off disable ghost trail disabling ghost trail disables your ability to use a ghost trials of friends friends who that subscribe to snapchat plus and can view on the map will still be able to view your ghost trail so that's basically how it works uh yes this is a new feature which is part of the snapshot plus package which is 399 dollars per month

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