How to use Ghost trails in SnapChat plus?

Here is Snapchat Plus and one of the features is called Ghost Trails. Basically, if you subscribe to Snapchat Plus for 3.99 per month, you will get this feature and you will see where your friends have been in the last 24 hours with Ghost Trails.

But there are a lot of details when it will work. You'll only see ghost trails for friends on the map if they are making their location visible to you and they have access to Snapchat Plus in their country.

Location sharing on the Snap map is opt in for all Snapchatters. Tap on your friends with Mojo on the map to see their Ghost Trail. You can clear your own ghost trail by toggling ghost mode on and off in your Snap map settings.

You only use ghost trails for friends who are sharing their map locations with you and country where Snapchat Plus is available, have Snapchat version 1185 or newer. Here's some of the preview where you can see some of the cost trials.

That's the feature. Let's see how it evolves because probably not a lot of users will try it out because it's a very small percentage of Snapchat users who will actually enable Snapchat Plus. Their friends also enable Snapchat Plus and they will enable these ghost trails. So let's see but anyway, this is how it works. Give it a try.

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