How to use Jagat app? How to import Zenly data

Yagat app is the new trending app that's quickly climbing the charts of social apps. It is being considered as an alternative to Zenly app, which has a very strong niche audience. Unfortunately, Zenly was shut down by Snapchat after the latter acquired it. While some users are okay with the implementation of Zenly features inside Snapchat map, many others prefer to have a separate app like Zenly, and Yagat is trying to meet that need.

The Yagat app is well-made and has a lot of interesting features. Notably, it allows users to import and recover their Zenly data easily. All you need is a location file from Zenly, which you can then import to Yagat.

To get started with the Yagat app, simply open it up. It looks quite similar to Zenly's social map, where you can see your location and places. You can also see posts from other people.

Currently, the app is quite niche, with most of its users being in the US. You can add friends by ID, scanning QR codes, or from contacts. You can also enable ghost mode, allowing you to share your precise location with some friends while enabling frozen location for others.

To create an account, you can easily log in with your Google or Apple account. The Yagat app is available on Android, so you can access it through Google.

Additionally, there are some exciting features in the Yagat app, including "Now," which enables you to share photos of a specific location in real-time. You can invite friends and earn points that can be used to get deals and rewards in the app.

In summary, the Yagat app is an excellent alternative to Zenly. With its well-designed features, it has a good chance of replacing Zenly. If you want to import and recover your Zenly data, the Yagat app is your go-to. Get started today by downloading the app and exploring its many features.

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