How to use LiveStatus app - easy tutorial

how to use Live status app a quick overview so this app you can get it for free in the in the App Store and yeah so basically the idea is that you can send text and messages and photos to your friends your family your colleagues via widgets so as you can see here is Live status widget so first of all you install the app you create an account and then you need to add a widget so tap on the app so you can see them jiggling type in the top and then you can just search for Live status and here you have three types of widgets you have a small widget just with your photo you have bigger widget and then you have widget fees for for us here from four different people so there you have it um so that's that so you can just inst let's just install it whatever you prefer and then you just add the widget and in this in your widget you will see photo Stacks from your friends if your friends install the videos they will see content from you here you can also adjust this View and then you have all your friends all your chats nicely organized in this tab by the way to add friends you can just tap on this third tab from the left then you can just search for friends like this uh and then you can just add friend like that and there you have it um so then yeah you can see friends groups contacts you can create groups from your friends you can invite people from your contacts and and then yeah so for example let's just try to add like a photo so here I have a photo I have draw I can draw something I can add some text uh so there you have it so for example if I just add like a camera I can also add some text here I can add some emojis like some of my status and then I can just tap next I can select to who I want to send it I can just send it to myself I can also use send and vanish if you want more privacy and then basically at this photo will appear here in the um yeah in the widget so that's basically the idea the cool thing about this app why it's trending into charts in the App Store is because it combines all of these main features like you can send a camera photos you can send text you can send nodes everything in one app whereas like if you're using locket widget app you can only set camera photos if you use a noted app you can only send um like notes here you can easily do it in one app you can add friends unlimited friends in rocket widget you only have 20 friends and you can add friends from wherever you like uh using just by username and then yeah this app offers also lock screen widgets meaning that uh yeah if you have IOS 16 or later you can use this app on your lock screen so there you have it something like that hope this is helpful

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