How to use LIVESTATUS app? How to send images & notes?

foreign status widget app let's explore how to use it so you have like three tabs here so you have camera which you can use you can draw and you can just write text so for example if you just tap on camera you can just take a photo you can um select who you want to send it to on the top left you can select if you want to send it yourself and then uh yeah for example you can just select here let's just do it so this is your friends and and this is yourself and after that you will just be sending this image as well you can just send text or you can just um uh send like some drawing and all of that but also you need to make sure that you are installing widgets so just tap and hold and search for Live status there are like uh three types of fidgets there is widget with one image small one there is bigger widget and then there is like a Live status bigger widget bus PS4 account so it just depends like what you like uh yeah you can just install the small one and as you can see because I just sent this photo to myself then it just appears on my home screen so that's basically how it works of course if you assign it to your friends then it will just appear on your friend's screens um so yeah something like that uh you can create a group from your friends um you can see here you can invite friends you can search for friends here uh and then that's basically how you use Live status widget maybe it's like a competitor app to lock it widget where you can just send camera photos and then there is also noted widget app where you can send drawings so this app is kind of a combinations of of those two

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