How to use Locket widget in TestFlight mode?

to use socket widget in the test flight just go to locate widget that one profile in top right and then you can just tap trying new features early and then here you can just fill out this type form and by filling out while it is still available maybe it's already a bit closed or it's a bit too late but I already filled it out that's why um so by filling out this type form you will be able to help our developers in in creating locket widget app and extensively testing bugs on this app so if I just go to test flight app here I would just see it here is the allocate widget that's how it looks like and then by using this I will have access to new features earlier than other users that's that's pretty cool and I can also send some feedback and basically I'm just in the beta program website so and if you like Orchid widget that's pretty cool because you yeah again you're just getting new features like a bit earlier than other users and you can try it out maybe your friends also can can be on this app and you can really enjoy it so just like an advice for you

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