How to use many prompts in Wonder AI app?

Wonder ai prompts

Wonder AI is based on Stable Diffusion, as many other similar AI apps are.

For better results, I would definitely recommend to use many AI prompts in Wonder AI app. The more specific you are the better outcome you can expect.

Good prompts for Wonder AI

There are proven techniques to generate high quality, specific images. Your prompt should cover most if not all of these areas

  1. Subject (required)
  2. Medium
  3. Style
  4. Artist
  5. Website
  6. Resolution
  7. Additional details
  8. Color

Wonder AI will take into account all these details and then you will be able to generate really high quality result.

Tips for good prompts in Wonder AI

  • Be specific in subject.
  • Use multiple exclamation marks !! to stress a word and brackets () to reduce its strength.
  • Use appropriate medium type consistent with the artist.
  • Artist name is a very strong style modifier. Use wisely.
  • Experiment with blending styles.
  • Use websites like Lexica to study other people’s prompts. If you like a particular image, use the prompt as starting point.

Additional resources for great Wonder AI prompts

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