How to use photo animation filter on TikTok?

okay so how to use photo animation filter on tick tock so the idea of this filter is similar to what there was like a myheritage app so it brings photos to life so if you just apply the photo attack your selfie or even in real time use this filter on real people it kind of makes the old photos moving and it adds like animation to them so it's really amazing effect so just go to discover tab in tiktok and search for photo animation effect usually in the top you will see the effect and you can just start creating videos so i'll just show you an example how it works so let's see the creator yeah let's do something a little ah grown up stop sebastian cl and then you can see that you just like hovering on some like photo in this case it's like enema photo and then it just starts moving um so yeah for some reason i don't see this filter displayed in my search probably because i just have older ios but for example if i would use any other filter for example i'll just search for it then you will see something like this then you can just add to your favorites or you can just start creating in the bottom just start creating in the bottom upload photo and then um yeah here you can just use effect and then you can just use ammonia favorites and just start using that filter isn't on uploaded photo or or on your selfie or uh some other people for us and stuff like that so that's how it works uh hope it was helpful

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