How to use ShareIt by Lunar app?

ShareIt by Lunar is a new app that allows for easy sharing of expenses among groups. To use the app, users must first be customers of Lunar.

Once the app has been opened, users can create a group and begin sharing expenses. The group can be named and decorated with a selected icon and color. Members can be invited to join and users can track the expenses and payments made by each member.

Additionally, users can leave the group if necessary. If a payment is made to the group, it can easily be divided among all members. For instance, users can designate a new expense, select the currency and the amount to be spent, and create this group in the app. The app will then allocate the expense among the members and each user can see whether they have been paid out or need to contribute more money.

The ShareIt by Lunar app is simple and efficient to use, allowing for easy sharing of expenses. This app is becoming increasingly popular in Denmark and is definitely worth a try if you're a Lunar customer.

Overall, ShareIt by Lunar is a helpful tool for managing group expenses. Here's a summary of the app's notable features:

  • Easy creation of groups and addition of members
  • Customizable group name, icon, and color
  • Monitoring expenses, payments, and overspending within the group
  • Easy management of expenses among members
  • Simple division of payments among members

If you're looking for an app to help you manage group expenses, ShareIt by Lunar is definitely an option to consider.

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