How to use SPILL-APP? Full overview

So here is this trending app called SpillApp. What's T? As you can see right now, it's really in the top charts in US. Probably it went viral on TikTok or some other reason, maybe people looking for some alternatives for Twitter.

Anyhow, it's available in the App Store, but you need an invite code to get started, to create your account. If you don't have an invite code, you'll just need to get on the wait list.

And then the idea is that this app basically has the functionality of Twitter, so you can create and share your short posts on this app. It's quite popular in the black community. So you can express yourself by easily combining text with images, videos, GIFs, and more.

Discover the hottest bills and latest trends from all over the world. And then you can just tap open it. This is how it looks like. I was able to get the invite code and then you create your account, you reserve your username. Be careful, you can't change your username later.

And then you just see a lot of hellos, people are just joining this app. In the bottom right, you can change the overview if you want to make it more visual. Then you can just post it, some spiel, which is like a tweet. This app is called Spiel. You can also add images in the bottom part, images, camera, GIFs, links, polls. There is a 90-character limit.

Then you will see your spiel was posted. You can go to your account, you can see all your spiels. I'm just trying it out. Again, just like your tweets and the right comments. And then there is T. T is just basically when you like someone. So to like the post from someone, you can just tap on the like a cup icon and then you will like a post from someone.

So that's the idea. Then you can also edit profile. As you can see, I set up my handle when I was creating an account and I see my name, my bio, you can add location, website, you can change profile picture. Then also you can share invite codes from when you have your account, you tap on your profile and then just under edit profiles, there is a ticket icon. So from there you can share your invite codes.

Then you can also tap on your icon and then if you're not happy, you can delete your account easily. You can change your theme in here. You can share the app. If you want to reach out to support, you can do it from here. You can also log out.

So that's basically how it works, how this app functions. You know, maybe a lot of people looking for some alternatives for Twitter. So that's one of the apps, getting traction. It's very early, it's very minimalistic, but it's a good time to register to claim your nice handle. Like, you know, you can claim your first name handle at least. It's going to be quite cool. And yeah, so that's basically what it is.

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