hello let's go through how to use tribal what is tribal app so this app is one of those apps which is trying to be an alternative social media social network alternative to Facebook Instagram Twitter which like Twitter not now but previously which were considered more like left wing kind of uh apps and people trying to find something like parlor or tribal where there is more conservative audience so this is one of the top apps in this niche and what it makes it smarter so what is right here so tribal allows you to send your post to specific audiences and keeps count of every like you earn this allows tribal to rank the most popular posts and contributors in every category personalize the feed easily find trending breaking posts uh so you just give likes to this post and then you kind of earn some specific reputation and then you can become a top contributor um you need when creating a new post you need to select an audience for for it uh if you decide to declare yourself and contributor to that audience tribal will keep a track of all the likes you earn and rank you in the star contributors uh there is personal post audience which is uh yeah just your friends and family yes there are star contributors which are like the most popular contributors in each category uh they're like 10 percent of all contributors gold star contributors are ranking the top five percent of a category and silver around in top 610. so here uh yeah you can just see all of these details anyhow so that's that's the app that's some specific things about it here's how it looks like you can just scroll through it there are all these uh categories it looks kind of like uh Twitter you can select different categories uh like so for example I want to select some category and then I can see like my favorites for example and then this is just like as an example then I can just like it I can comment it I can see all the comments I can attach gifs and photos to it I can share I can block a report person then I can go to account I can add as a friend I can see a number of followers and all of that I can also even message I can DM without you know being a friend or you know similar as on Twitter you can see all the all of the posts all the defeat um so here I can also just see breaking news in in all the categories so breaking news in in this animal category or landscapes then I can just see um pause from my friends or from people I'm following and breaking and trending these are like four tabs where I can discover all of the stuff I want then I can just post myself I can select audience only me friends uh I can select a background similar as on Facebook and then I just need to select my post audience so that's the key feature which makes tribal different a bit different and then I can just select audience um so here I can just do that and select it here um and then I can just tap post and then my post was added successfully to my profile um yeah so if there is also messaging tab I can see all of the messages here I can see messages and I can see requests uh then there is profile uh it's my profile I can add some bio I can edit profile here you can see all of the details which I can add uh yeah pretty cool I can change profile picture I can create post I can delete post I can change the privacy of it so still I can share in some category like nature or something but uh then I can still limit only it to my friends or make it private notifications you similar as on us on Facebook Twitter you will see all the recent notifications and then here in the settings you can still start contributors to become a star contributor you must declare a contributor to a category and earn enough likes and last 90 days to be ranked in the top 10. that's interesting feature it's like a forum and then you can see in that forum uh yeah all of the details um so yeah search burn all categories or I can select for example let's check who is the start contributor to like activism so then you can see specific profile or I can select who is the star contributor to books so something something like that and then I see a new notification someone is already liking it yeah this app is actually has has a critical mass of users you won't be alone here there are a lot of users here already so yeah definitely interesting app uh you can unlock your founding member byte by nominating three of your friends foreign tribal yet who you believe how what it takes to become star contributors so you can invite friends here so that's that um find friends groups so you can create a new group uh your account settings you can deactivate or delete your account from here if you want service privacy and security uh notification settings contributor settings and then you can log out so that's basically what's what it works how it works um yeah hope that is helpful interesting app while my great design easy to use so interesting interesting app for sure hope this quick preview was helpful

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