How to use Twitter Circle feature?

so here is Twitter Circle feature I'm just trying to create a new tweet and then I send this pop-up so it's just I want to share with a smaller crowd Twitter Circle lets you send tweets to only the people you choose so get started and then how Twitter Circle works you can choose up to 150 people to include in your Twitter Circle you can only tweet only to them go and share those thoughts on that little circle you can see and reply to them and then you can edit it with your circle anytime uh people won't be notified if you remove them so then you can just uh add people and edit people to your Twitter Circle so for example I can have my account I can uh yeah uh added some few people and that's basically that so now I edited my Twitter Circle I don't know okay and then I should have all these people here and there you have it so now uh it's only says that I have this in my Twitter Circle it has this green button in the top left uh and then I can just uh uh do this and then it shouldn't be available in my profile and a public profile it should be just here only people in my Twitter Circle can see this tweet so that's basically that it's a new feature it's not part of Twitter blue or some kind of subscription yeah as you can see I just opened my Twitter app on iOS um and I try to create a new tweet and then I just see this pop-up tutor circle is a way to send tweets to select people and share such with a smaller crowd you choose who's in your Twitter Circle and all these individuals who have added can reply to and interact with the tweets you share in the circle so that's that uh I can uh yeah and then I can just do whatever I want and I can edit Twitter Circle easily if I want then there is a recommended tab I can also add people again to the circle so that's uh that's what it is basically um hope you enjoyed this um yeah that's a new feature

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