How to use UBER RESERVE?

so i just got this email from uber uber reserve reserve arrived for any occasion and it says just this was released for kiev ukraine so presented the new ride scheduling software uber reserve now you can book a riot in kiev up to 30 days in advance which means you can stay on top of your upcoming trip schedule and save time so you can just type reserve now the driver will arrive before the plan pick planned pick up time and will wait for up to 15 minutes past the time this way you get reassurance that your trip will start according to plan and if you're running a bit late your driver will wait for you know what to expect when booking the right visual reserve you know upfront how much you're going to pay you can be assured that the price will not change but also know who will drive you to your destination um of course maybe in other countries this was the future long time ago but in case you didn't check it out you just opened the uber app and then what you need to do is just you tap you need to add a payment method and then you can just use here and tap scheduling so something like that so yeah so that's the process hope that is helpful

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