How to use Uber Rewards in Uber app?

here is uber app so if you tap on your profile on top right then you can see uber rewards that's the place where you can see all the rewards you earned while uh requesting uber and then you can just tap choose rewards so for example you can get free coffee from starbucks and uber eats uh 40 off for a fee car pickup order free meal uh 10 of her ride but then you can see that i did quite a few rides like i don't know like three four rides then i just got like eight points but here to get just ten percent of a ride you need three hundred points so wow that's uh that's a lot um so you need to get a lot of points and i don't know if it's like feasible to actually get that much many points [Music] then there are maybe there is some like leveling if you use this program a lot then you can just earn more points or yeah so that's about it

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