hello everyone so quick overview of walgreen app walgreens app is one of the top apps in the united states for prescriptions um yeah it has over 3 million reviews and 4.8 out of 5 average rating so it's like pretty okay app of course there are a lot of still issues so what you can do here you can there is a subscription um join my walgreens track redeem and donate rewards you can get all the like coupons discounts but basically the main feature of the app is that you can shop and manage your prescriptions stay in the know get the lightest vaccine information refill a snap quickly refill your prescriptions with an in-app scan so just scan it and then instantly order track prescriptions order and get reminders get some expert advice save time pick up all your essentials in this literally 30 minutes by this wallet go to contacts likes let's check out and get digital receipts save money click personalized exclusive deals just for you get creative so you can do that uh so yeah let's just open the app here is how the home screen looks like uh there is just five all the recommendations of products coupons and services yeah you can chat check pick up shipping refill by scan so for example if you want to refill the prescriptions you can just do it here then you can just log into this community so to find the store just tap on the top left then you can just search for city and then you just search there and then you will just find your stores here you will see all the options where it is available shopping pharmacy photo lab you can see all services you can choose this store choose for current task your store then you can just you can just search for some product like that for example so here it is so you can get like some of this and then check address and then just order that and deliver add to cart so that's basically how any other e-commerce app that's how it works then there are prescriptions that's the feature of this app so you can refill by scan as i already shown you can transfer prescriptions position the bottling screen so and yeah so you can transfer prescriptions here manage all your outreach field then there is pill reminder prescription history you can talk to an expert like your vaccination information so all of that you can just check it out then you can find all the health services in specific city uh you can look for all of that then you can look for shop and savings then there is like all this personal care for example if i if i tap in there you can just search for all the types of products here and then were they available how to order them and then just proceed to to buy them and then there is photo i don't like yet also this app offers a lot of photo cards collage photo books which is seems quite popular so you can also order that and there is 30 off for mobile app for the orders so that's basically that uh hope this quick overview is helpful so it's just an overview of the ad yeah yeah definitely give it a try if you're in you ask i'm not sure if this app works outside of you in other countries or in europe in canada but there you have it and hope it is helpful

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