How to use whoo - location sharing app?

hi everyone so here is interesting trending app which is called woo uh location sharing app and yes it starts to climb in charts you can find it similar to like Snapchat Maps or Live 360 but woo app is like super new it has very limited features yet but the aim of this app is just focused on this like location sharing on maps where you can easily find friends on on your map and then you can tap on your friends and see where everyone is located at this moment um and all and then just hang out so you can just see who is where you can send messages but this messaging feature is not working yet so then you can just add friends just by searching them here like for example you can just add friends like this I don't know if it's a Chinese app or something like that but uh it's trending in the US app store and then you can just share um your location with other people just by using QR code or just sharing the link [Music] um and yeah so mostly this app is is available in the uh in the United States I guess that's at least where they have users because if you're in Europe or somewhere it's it's not there yet so that's what it is uh so you can just go to this app and then you can see your QR code you can see some uh yeah some settings you can edit your profile you can change profile picture you can reach out to support if you want you can easily delete your account but your account will be deleted and seems it's it's not to be recovered uh you add like zero friends at the moment you can add uh friends here you can change app icon um and yeah so that's basically the idea the user base of this app is growing there are still so many features to be built here so yeah that's basically what it is at the moment but hopefully it develops and yeah and brings new features

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