1. Go to your profile in the top left.
  2. In the very bottom tap Verify my profile.
  3. Take a specific selfie, as described on the image.
    how to verify Wink profile
  4. Submit your photo, wait for a review process.
  5. You will see Verification in progress in the bottom of the app.
    Wink app verification in progress

So, that’s how it works super easy and then you will have your verified profile
on the Wink app.

Here is a quick overview of WINK app.

What is WINK app?

Wink application

The Wink application was developed by Smith Nathan in the July 2014. This app existence is not well known since its last post uploaded in 2017. The wink application was connected with the Snapchat platform. This allowed its users to view each other's profile pictures.  One can either download it to get started. On the other hand, if the application is pre-installed on your device.  You can access it by updating the website.

Wink application is one of the best to use in companies or organizations that want to keep their copyrights safe. For those individuals who also like living private lives, the application is good for them. This is because the application ensures the security of sharing personal information. This is since users do not provide background details when getting started.

What attracts me most about the Wink application is that it does not involve chatting. This ensures total safety to the people who use the application. Those hatters who might be targeting to taint the name of celebrities using fake posts or insulting them are not been able to. Again, chatting in the wink application was not allowed. But, the wink application allows its users to connect with other people even if one did not know them.

This creation of new relationships with others across the world is important.  This is because it informs individuals of employment opportunities. Further, strong intimate relationships come up that ended in colorful marriages. This application has no limitations on swiping and viewing other user's profile pictures. This is a good aspect since one would know the kind of person he/she is making a friendship with.  For example, gender and physical appearance.

The disadvantage of the application is that it is in sharing pornographic videos. The sharing of pornographic videos destroys youths' mindset.

Secondly, there are allegations that nude photos are sold on the application. As discussed above, nude photos make people for instance youths to end in unwanted behaviour. Hence, they are left living miserably. The sharing of nude photos and pornography videos make the application unfit for the entire population.

Wink app on app store

This kind of application can be downloaded from the app store of most devices that link with apple. It is available in most phone braids too such as Samsung Galaxy S7 or Android.

Wink app on PC

On most computers, this app comes pre-installed and accessible. Therefore, Wink app is available on PC but if in any case, the app is not reachable, one can update the existing one or download a new one.

Parents review on Wink app

Since this app is linked with the selling of nude photos and pornography videos, parents must keep it off from their children. If possible parents can completely avoid the app or if must use it, security passwords are necessary.

In conclusion, Wink is not a good app. Absolute care should be taken to ensure it does not land in the wrong hands. For example kids or old individuals. If one has subscribed to the app, he/she can leave through unsubscribing on the portal of subscriptions.

Therefore it is super important to verify WINK profile and only get in contact with verified users in WINK app. This is the way to reduce spam and stay in safe and healthy environment using WINK.

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