How to view app receipts in iPhone purchase history?

hello so if you go in settings app and go to uh apple id and then uh go to media and purchases your account so here is the place where you can find the receipts for purchased apps and then you can go to purchase history and then for every app which you downloaded or which you bought even if it's a free app you will see the receipt so for example you just have to tap here on total build and then you will be able to see that so in case you need some of the receipts for your like billing history to add it to your app or to send in your company and stuff like that you'll be able to go to your purchase history and then just find all the receipts there also in the subscription itself there is an option to uh to enable that you will be sent receipts every time so that's also quite handy so here you can enable renewal receipts it's i think it's already enabled by default but just check that so in case you're looking for the receipts here where they are located

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