How to view more than 1000 rows in Google Search Console?

so serious interesting tutorial i found on twitter from peter kristicseo follow him on twitter at chrissy peter i think it's really interesting especially if you're doing a lot of seo or consulting or working with a bigger projects so basically in search console in google you will only get to use the first thousand rows of any report of course you can filter them you can you know just filter from the lowest point to highest or vice versa and then you figure out your way but sometimes it's really annoying so you can see more than thousand rows so what he explains here that basically you can use google data studio report and using it with the same you might use for search console then just use the dashboard create a new report and uh yeah select data source uh from the list of mobile domains select domain uh you want to link so basically here you can select data source and then you can just uh link the list of domains and then search type web like you know some other settings here url impression or site impression go back to the dashboard click create and select report a chart to log into the page click on the chart then you can just set up the dimensions add dimensions like under metrics select add metric and then you will have full report of all the keywords and urls or urls in one chart with all the data you get from from search console like a number of like landing pages queries number url clicks ctr and all of that you can also save this report and bookmark the url for it and then you can report other metrics and view stats for multiple sites once so that's an interesting tutorial yeah for sure try it out just the trick is to link your google data studio to search console and to see all the data from there so of course it provides much more advanced data research and overview than just you know figuring out your way in search console

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