okay so here is slack so how would you view your reminders in slack um super easy so i will show you what i'm doing so to create a reminder in slack i just have three dots remind me about this in 20 minutes or remind me about this in three hours tomorrow or next week or custom then you will see in the channel which you created the reminder you will see the message i will remind you about this message from test user in 20 minutes today this message is only visible to you so if you create it like in general channel where there are like 2 000 people no words this message is only visible to you and then where it will appear it will appear in the slack bot so here you will see notification like one or something and then it will just appear here like that um like some notifications some message and you will get like being on your mobile app or your desktop app just as you have sent someone sent you a direct message but in fact it will be just a reminder so i personally really like this feature if there are some like items someone is writing you or yeah there is some task you need to finish or need to do someone just send it to you um yeah instead of let's just go into third party to-do list app or like using to do bot all of that i just create a reminder in slack and then i just see all my reminders in slackbot but of course it's not ideal if you really have like dozens of reminders then it becomes really messy but if there is some like two three items you really need to be reminded it's super convenient just to add them from slack interface and be reminded writing slack                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Post Slack Message from Salesforce ...
Post Slack Message from Salesforce Flow
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