How to VOTE in LOVE ISLAND app?

as also here is low island app so you can use this app to vote but this app only works for low island usa so streamed on cbs it won't work for low island uk or australia or other versions so just open the app to vote you need to go to vote tab here and you need to register it's free t  register and it's free to all but you need to enter your us phone number um so yeah let's just try to do that and then you should just verify uh 66 digit code ouch so something like that you can register up to one other device using this phone number and then just tap start voting and then of course you need to open this app uh when the the voting process is on so you need to watch the show like in the live stream and then just open the app and start about start watching so there you have it other than that you can also discover news create these cool filters vote here go to the shop and that's that

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