How to watch Google Photos via Rave app?

so heroes drive app tap on the plus icon in the bottom right and to watch google photos where this app just tap on these photos and then uh yeah you're just able to log into your google account which is ha which has like google photos attached to it um and then yeah you should be able to to select specific photos and uh just start arrive with them so that's that's one of the features you can use here just in case you didn't know so for example if you want to to watch some photos with your friends and just discuss them have a laugh like discuss them in a chat and have some like real chat and watch your photos that's you can do with google photos uh it's not possible to do with icloud or apple photos so you will need to get like a google photos app like this one and then yeah you then after that you will be able to to yeah to use them in the in the drive app

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