How to withdraw or redeem diamonds in TikTok?

so to withdraw or redo redeem tick-tock diamonds is you need to request to redeem your diamonds for money from tick tock you can see diamond's potential monetary value in your tick-tock account balance if you want to redeem your diamonds for money simply choose withdraw select your connected account under amount you like to redeem and tap confirm and proceed it's important to note that diamonds do not have monetary value unless they are redeemed and all of that so to be eligible to enable these diamonds they are pretty strict requirements so you need to have 100 thousand followers that's a burden then uh be age 18 years or older how accounted that account is over 30 years old how uh a public video in the last 30 days i can't have repeated violations of community guidelines business accounts are ineligible to participate but basically i have tick-tock account here and i just seen some notifications that hey you there is some notification button that you can enable these gifts uh but then you see this like that so i need to have 100 000 followers at least hope that is helpful

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