How to WRITE APP REVIEW on iOS App Store? Full guide

so here's an app in a sap store it can be any app and to write an app review uh what you need to do is basically uh you need to go to see all ratings and reviews and then you have an option here to write a review so this you can select this option if you want to add a text review so you need to give review title and then you can add stars so this is this is the way to add a review and uh like a textual review also as a comment and then you just tap send and then send for your feedback of course you can also just tap on the stars and that's that's you will just see submitted thanks for your feedback but then then you won't have an option to submit the comment as well so there you have it that's it so something around that so that's how it works i'm not sure like if you can add uh like where actually your reviews are stored if you can delete your app review or like where to get that so on this part i'm not sure but if you know that please leave it in the comments but that's basically how it works it's one of the most basic features of app store on ios it has been here for years and years so yeah and this reviews are actually pretty helpful like very often in the big apps you will see developer team directly responding to all the reviews and notifications you can see a developer response in the reviews so you can use this channel as a kind of support channel so you can just write some issues and then you'll get some response from developer team uh you're clarifying your issue so something around that hope it is helpful

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