How to ZOOM IN / OUT in BeReal app?

BeReal zoom - guide

Did you know that you can actually zoom in or zoom out while taking a bereal?

So, just drag your two fingers in two different directions, while taking a BeReal.

It is possible to zoom in on both front (selfie) or back (landscape) camera in BeReal.

Depending on your phone model, you can zoom up to 42x or more on back camera.

However, seems it is not possible to zoom out in BeReal.

How to zoom in on bereal?

To zoom in on BeReal, just use it as a standard iPhone/Android camera. Drag two fingers in different directions and you will be able to zoom in to the maximum capacity of your camera.

Bereal 0.5 camera

A new selfie trend has taken off among Generation Z in 2022. Featuring huge foreheads, super long arms, and tiny bodies: meet the 0.5 selfie.

This feature is only available on iPhone 12 Pro and later models.

To take an 0.5x selfie, users zoom out using two fingers on the camera app or tap the button that says “0.5.” at the bottom of your screen above “PHOTO” to access the ultra-wide camera setting.

So, you can use 0.5x zoom in BeReal.

How to turn off 0.5 on bereal?

However some users are annoyed with 0.5x zoom in BeReal and want it to be turned off.

Basically, whenever you take a picture from the front camera, the rear camera only takes pictures in Ultrawide. How to fix it?

Check out this reddit thread.

Turn off 0.5x zoom? from bereal_app

One of the users wrote: "when I don’t want the 0.5 I usually try to take the back facing camera picture first and risk with the selfie".

Here is another thread.

Disable ultra wide lens iOS from bereal_app
Ultra wide camera only from bereal_app

Unfortunately, there is no clear solution to it at the moment...

Here are some comments from Reddit.

You can only do that if you're taking the bereal on the rear facing camera. As i mentioned, if you're taking it on the front facing cam, it defaults to ultra wide on the rear.

...Unless jailbreaking or BeReal adding a feature that let’s you choose the lens, there does not seen to be a solution to this. The only thing you can do is to frame the front camera and sit still, then swap to the rear camera while sitting still and zoom - it’s pretty dumb.

Why is my bereal camera zoomed out?

It is because of default 0.5 zoom setting on iPhone 12 or later. It is not possible to disable this weird setting yet in Bereal app. Look above.

Bereal zoom profile picture

Profile pictures on BeReal are quite small. Is it possible to zoom in on profile pictures? Yes, you can do it!

To zoom in on Bereal's profile picture - for example your friends' picture - just tap on that profile, you will be redirected to profile page with much bigger profile picture.

In Bereal profiles, banners are basically bigger profile pictures. Here you can zoom in even more if you drag this profile banner with two fingers, same as you zoom in in your camera.

Also, you can try to take a screenshot with a bereal profile picture and then zoom in a screenshot from your camera roll.

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