How We Feel app - how to add friends?

Hey there, so here's how we feel app is a daily journaling app to track your feelings, how we check in every day and then you can just track that. To add friends here you just need to create an account so just tap on add friends tab and then you just need to sign in with Apple if it's an iPhone. Then you can just tap add friend. Then you can share friend in white link, share my friend in white code, enter friends code. So then for example you can just share it and this is how it can look like. So yeah, that's the idea. So then yeah you can just add friends and then share your feelings with friends. So that's interesting concept so it's not only like daily journaling app, it's also kind of a bit, can be used also just to share your feelings with just close friends or something like that. So for example if you're feeling determined, someone else feeling happy or just different scenarios and then you just share it with each other. There's other interesting app called Obey Me where you can also kind of send hugs or kisses just by touching the app and maybe you can also share some feelings with each other. So that's what it is.

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