How We Feel app - how to create an account?

Hey y'all, so here is how we fill app. So it's like daily journal app where you can just note your daily feelings here in this app. And then to create an account, just go to your friends tab and just tap get started. And then you can sign in with Apple. However, you can do a lot of stuff in this app without creating an account. You can do a check-ins and then you can track in your daily journal without any, like, you know, creating an account. So then you can just tap sign in with Apple. And then here, you just have that. And then you can do it just also to share this app with your friends. And then you can just add your friend here. So to add friends, you can just, you know, send a text. Let's share feelings. Add me as a friend on how we feel. My friend code is this. Or you can copy link or you can just share it like in email, for example. That's my friend code here. And then you can just add it. So yeah, that's how you can create an account and add friends. This app is free. It's kept free by donations. So, and then you can delete your account at any time.

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