Howbout Social Event Planner - how to create account?

so here is how about app uh which is in top charts in some countries in europe for a social event planner uh so this is the app where you can just plan anything with friends you can just you know instead of creating like um grouping messenger or in whatsapp and then just you know if it's like three or five friends that's nice but if there are more people you can just use this app and do it instead of like facebook event or something so it can be nice uh the app is for a social life plan with friends find fun your all free organized groups vote on anything share calendars keep in touch so it's kind of like one of the alternatives to your facebook in case you want to find some alternative apps so you can try to do that instantly organize anything so get planning so here let's just uh try to create an account and see how that might work and you just need to enter the code and then okay [Music] then you just create an account again so i already gave my phone number but yeah okay let's just create an account again and uh you can add friends from facebook and then you can also add your calendar and then you can just update your profile picture if you want and that's basically okay i can give access to my calendar so for example this is it this is like the event uh so here you can also invite people to the to the app and then you can just share your calendar so you can see uh your calendar so i already added some of the my calendars here then i can also add friends here is the gear icon you can see settings um [Music] here i can also delete an account but anyways that's just a start that's how you create an account i hope that is helpful

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