HoYoLab app overview and how to use?

okay so here is foil up app so yeah just tap get to install it and use touch id to install so this app is available was on ios and android um and it's the game in community forum for ganshin impact and there's official information about game events barracks fan art and all other interesting content so you just need to agree to uh these names and then yeah you can create an account or you can just start here and there you have it so now you just have this community this is basically anime community um you can just browse around you can see all these tools then you can just okay create a new post so let's try to login using like apple id if it will create an account um then you just need to add your username and then everything else is optional and then you can just create a post image your video and there are also more submission events and yeah so that's that's the idea basically and then there is your account so you can edit it so yeah that's the idea hope it is helpful

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