Hudl app how to install on iPhone?

hey so here is this app which is called huddle uh basically it's a sports app so to install it just search in google or search in app store and here is the app for ios it's 101 megabytes so far so it's pretty large app and it helps basically to record your place of your team and when you're playing basketball football soccer and then you can just see all these clips and then just comment and share with your team and share key moments so it's kind of like a niche app but it's super helpful for team sports just to analyze which mistake did you do so for example imagine if you're like playing volleyball or something else and you did a spike or something like that and then after your move you see a replay and you can just analyze like what did go wrong there or like where are your movements correct or uh what was that about so this is the app um [Music] you can either log in with your email password or login with organization but you will need to create an account on huddle website yeah so that's how you install it i'll probably create an account and just do another video but if you're using this app just please leave reviews leave some comments below just like interesting to know like what are your thoughts is this like super helpful app i think this app was around for a long time back from 2014 or so but yeah i think it's improved a lot so interesting to see your thoughts in the comments below