Human Protocol app - is it legit?

The Human Protocol app has gained attention in the tech community, raising questions about its legitimacy and functionality. To explore this further, let's delve into what the app offers and its potential benefits.

To access the Human Protocol app, you can visit Initially focused on the trends of blockchain, Web3, and cryptocurrency, the app introduced the concept of a human token. However, the app has continued to evolve and now includes the anticipated release of a human card.

To begin using the app, users are required to enter their email address. The app defines itself as a new way to work, aiming to tokenize and automate work distribution and the ensuing rewards across a widespread workforce. Essentially, it provides a blockchain-based infrastructure that facilitates the creation and settlement of secure job markets accessible to individuals and machines worldwide.

After submitting your email, you can create an account in the Human app. It is important to ensure your wallet address is compatible with multiple chains. Once registered, you have the option to subscribe to the app's services. From there, you can start completing various tasks that are made available to you.

Though doubts remain about the app's legitimacy, as it appears to have been developed quite quickly, users can always reach out to the support team for clarification. Feedback from users who have tried the app and earned human tokens would be particularly valuable in determining the app's effectiveness and credibility. If you have any firsthand experience or insights, please share your comments.

In summary, the Human Protocol app positions itself as an innovative solution for efficient and automated work distribution. While questions about its legitimacy persist, exploring the app and gathering user feedback would serve as an insightful avenue for understanding its true potential.

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