HYER app complete overview

hello so here's higher app uh this is how it looks like it's called higher job search and it's in the top charts in the app store right now so let's just install it on iphone and see like how uh how it works why people are so excited about it so basically how they describe themselves is higher is a simple straightforward and powerful job search app that connects people to opportunities in real time so just download the job search app complete profile in background check and search apply for job tasks in your area so yeah i'm a tasker or i'm a business so let's just try to create an account you need to agree for terms [Music] okay it says it wants my location to be enabled for always and then yeah basically i have my profile um and even without the profile i can see like what's available in the in the area um and i think this app is mostly about like you know just tasks um so if you need to do like some flexible jobs like it's this app is not for looking for permanent job or like part-time job contracts and all of that so in case you just want to earn hundred dollars two hundred dollars fifty dollars like working five hours eight hours something like that for some period and then just doing some simple tasks so this is how this is the perfect app for you um and then it's yeah it's kind of similar to if you're a uber driver or dash delivery so you can just plan your day and see okay i can do these tasks here and there and i can just make this money so yeah that's basically the idea of the app then you can just tap on that job and try to apply for it and all of that so that's that's the idea and this app is about in gig economy so hope yeah this is just your profile you can create an account um okay hmm now your account is created now you need to enter some verification code [Music] [Music] so you just arrived here um and then you need to enter mobile number so this app is only available in us but anyways let's just try to do it so i have this app which might help me just to show you around guys so seems it's like this is a requirement but yeah for some reason it doesn't arrive here i'm just because i'm not based in us yeah so anyways this is just like the process i it should work in in your case i don't know it's just a bit buggy here um so then you just create your account and then you can just start working basically so yeah that's your account you can see earn more cash you can invite friends here and you will earn 25 [Music] that's my code please use it um and yeah so there you have it now i have a profile uh so i also can start with background check upload the profile photo see all the tasks so it's a nice app yeah so something like that so hope this app will help you on your journey in the geek economy and it will help you to gain a bit more freedom and more flexibility if you need it i personally also like it when it's not yeah it's stable but then you just have additional sources of income please leave additional comments or new views in the like just below this video what do you think about this app have you used it because this can be helpful for other people just to figure out if they should try it out or not so yeah that's yeah that's the idea uh so please like and subscribe my youtube channel also check out my podcast and my blog mr hack.io where i just post all the different overviews of cool apps and also how to grow youtube how to code and how to do digital marketing and all of this so just go there mr hyde.i check out my podcast in the description and thank you for watching                                                                                                                                                                      

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