Hyper: Avatar live-streaming - how to create an account?

here's interesting app which is called hyper avatar live streaming build an avatar and make friends so let's try to install this app and see what all the hype is about this app entered at some time like top charts in the in the u.s app store in social networking category and i guess the whole idea is that you create an account you build your own avatar and you can do live streaming with face and hand tracking like buy and get different outfits stream record or use this obs so it's kind of like a alternative to youtube and twitch but in more like metawars setting yeah so become an anon of youtuber today use hyper to build an avatar and use it to live stream record videos for social media or build a digital persona live stream and record content using your own motion motion capture avatar with youtuber become a 3d avatar or virtual youtuber youtuber easily so youtubers by zuki virtual youtuber hyper is for people who want to be themselves create create an avatar of youtubers that's cute silly scary or anything in between make an anime avatar or surgery avatar characters that looks exactly like you use it to broadcast live stream record content and make friends online face tracking hand tracking stream to the web or elsewhere recording studio soon it's not their vrm support uh yeah so interesting app in this video let's just go through how to create an account and first build your avatar protection first they will need microphone and camera so there you have it now i created an account and now i'm ready to go live and to see other streams from other people hi you be wow so yeah that's basically how it looks like uh so yeah super easy to create an account and reserve your username uh hope it is helpful

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