Hyper: Avatar live-streaming - HOW TO USE? FULL APP OVERVIEW

here's interesting app which is called hyper avatar live streaming uh build an avatar and make friends so this app uh briefly enters like the top social media apps in the in the us app store it's an interesting concept uh so basically it's like a metaverse app so where you can create avatars you can upload your photo create avatar and start streaming so similar to twitch or youtube tv so yeah and so it's kind of like a matavars app which tries to compete with twitch youtube streaming twitter streaming um facebook streams and all of that but you are not showing your real face you just created your 3d avatar there is face and hand tracking um yeah you can build yourself you can customize with uh with closing and all of that you can use obs and some other streaming software and they call this app youtuber app so it means like virtual uh virtual youtuber or something like that so you have face tracking and hand tracking on supported devices with support face tracking and hand tracking but this this only works with newer iphone devices and some newer android devices where you know they have face id for example on iphones if your phone doesn't support that so i have iphone 7 so it doesn't support that so this feature won't work then you can just stream your avatar to web there is recording studio obs and capture card support vrm support all these features and so yeah hyper is great for people who are interested in youtubing live stream and live broadcasting virtual identities through the avatars metawars and more love customizing the dressing ups are 3d avatars have an interest in creating original content with a virtual avatar want to rely information while keeping their identity under wraps looking for a specific feature looking for more options they present your unique self in the character creator reach out that feedback at hyper online so that's the app so let's just go through it so here is the home feed where you can see different streams so this is how people are streaming here that's basically an overview some of the streams can be interesting some like just hi you know some you can play some of the streams maybe there is some talk something you can see and so yeah and then you can just follow someone you can go to someone profile okay there are some errors uh y'all know i couldn't leave you without my lovely voice wow some of the streams here basically this is just like video recordings uh and this is yeah how it looks like um yeah fall you can follow add people similar as on any other social media there are still some bugs like i just trying to tap plus icon okay good i can follow this person i can like i can write a comment um so yep something like that and then i can just see all these avatar live streams so this app is kind of like a new metaverse apps there are more and more of these apps where you have avatars instead of your real faces and i must say for these people this really is an option it's quite liberating to have avatars instead of you know like your real images some people don't want to disclose their faces their real identity some people are a bit like you know auntie like perfect instagram where you just open instagram you just see a lot of this perfect lifestyle and yeah it causes for some people a lot of stress actually that people are showing off like perfect bodies perfect lifestyle and all of that we sometimes can be fake and it stops you from interacting with a lot of people for some people for some introvert personalities that that can be like a real issue so maybe metaverse avatar based apps can actually solve this problem maybe this can be a way for a new social media which causes less harm and less stress for teenagers so who knows uh but anyways this is just an app i think it requires a bit more work and there are not that many users yet there are just few likes here and there but it's a good start so you can report bugs and requests here um you can just tap here there is you know not even like a real support site just a notion so you can go to hyper online notion and this is just a beta version uh fast tracking hand tracking beta you can build your avatar here you can see how it looks like you can live stream in app there are all these guides so that's how it looks like then if you want to create your own stream you just tap on this red camera icon at the bottom tap continue and that's that's where you can create it you can upload photos you can add some tags props drawings customize your setup and just basically shoot but yeah in my case it doesn't work for some reason because i have an older iphone model so that's probably that's the issue here i can just tap shoot hello hello hello i can just and then i can just post it here and it will appear but uh yeah my phone doesn't have like face tracking so it doesn't really work yet probably it's one of the bugs in the beta version then i can see all the notifications then there is my account my avatar which i can try to customize there are all these settings i can edit my photo and avatar it's it's a bit it doesn't work yet completely um i can write bio i can write my like personal website but if i feel free to visit my website i can give access to contacts and then i can also customize with youtube twitch and twitter all of that to to have live streaming so that's basically i can also add all of these social elements i i can see all the details support and feedback also in the bottom if you want to delete your account you can just tap delete an account you can also clear avatar caching in this app as well uh if you're using you know if you're using this uh real streaming apps a lot in video streaming apps a lot they can accumulate a lot of cash and then it can use a lot of your storage on your device um yeah then yeah so basically that's the app that's the first idea how it looks like it's a better version but even with the but i think just entered like that some of the top charts since i'm on social media apps in the app store i'm just trying to figure out can i go to someone else's account or how high no i can only follow i can only follow unfollow report a blog and then i'll just see more content from from that creator yeah so that's the app um like here it is on the app store you can go check it out you can always reach out feedback at hyper.online there are just only 43 reviews so far uh there are a few like reviews great app some people write that it still crashes here and there so great tracking just needs a little shaping needs more option definitely needs to be fixed uh also please allow the option to use our lidar sensor on our iphone this will also help in poor lighting and better hand tracking so that's that uh that's the app uh recording studio are coming soon our recording studio has tools like a video player a pen for doodling and more easy to record content for tick tock or to share with friends stream directly to our app and website i don't know about subscription or byte subscription mode like memberships all of that i didn't find it yet in the app um so maybe it's coming soon but again this is just like a beta version first version so probably there will be more more and improvements more new features about this app um yeah so that's that's an overview definitely give it a try if you like meta wars apps that's one of the apps to try out

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