I can’t add an email to Locket widget “Couldn’t verify your email…”

There have been reports from users experiencing difficulties while attempting to add an email address to the Locket widget. When they try to do so, an error message is displayed, stating that the email couldn't be verified. The error message suggests that users should ensure their device has good cell reception. Additionally, it could be due to high demand, and users are advised to check back later and try again.

This issue seems to be affecting the functionality of the Locket widget, as it currently requires users to provide an email address. Without being able to add an email, users are unable to fully utilize the app. Furthermore, there are also reports of the app's inability to receive SMS verification, adding to the frustration.

It's possible that the current unavailability of the widget and the failure of email and SMS verification are due to high demand. With increased user activity, it is not uncommon for apps to experience temporary issues. In such cases, the best course of action is to wait patiently and try again at a later time.

Unfortunately, it is unclear what the specific issue causing this problem might be. Some users have speculated that the app's current state of unusability may be a result of unusually high demand. However, until the problem is resolved, users will have to wait to use the app's features to their full extent.

It is important for developers and support teams to address these issues promptly, as they can frustrate users and potentially impact the app's reputation. Users rely on the functionality of technology and apps, expecting them to work seamlessly. Therefore, it is essential for developers to provide solutions and updates to improve user experience.

In the case of the Locket widget, users are eagerly waiting for a resolution to the email verification problem. Hopefully, the developer team will identify and fix the issue soon, allowing users to resume using the app without any hindrance. Until then, affected users will have to be patient and rely on future updates for a solution.

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