I can’t login to Ten Ten walkie talkie app - it keeps loading

I recently encountered an issue with the Ten Ten walkie talkie app, where I was unable to log in. Instead, it kept loading endlessly. Upon further investigation, it seems that I am not alone in experiencing this problem. Many users have reported similar issues, such as not receiving the confirmation code after entering their phone number.

Upon receiving the confirmation code, everything seems to be working fine. However, when attempting to log in, the app fails to authenticate. This appears to be a widespread problem, possibly due to the recent surge in popularity of the app. As a result, the servers may be experiencing intermittent issues.

One common frustration expressed by users is the absence of an invitation code or waiting queue. Unlike other apps, there is no process in place that ensures a smooth onboarding experience. It's possible that the sudden increase in user activity caught the developers off guard, leading to these technical difficulties.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a clear-cut solution to this problem at the moment. Some users have suggested trying another day or using a different phone number or provider. It is also worth mentioning that the issue may be limited to users in the United States or North America, with potential restrictions for other countries.

In conclusion, the Ten Ten walkie talkie app is currently facing login problems, with many users reporting that it continuously loads without authentication. While the cause of this issue remains unclear, it is likely the result of increased user activity and server overload. Until the developers address this matter, it is advisable to explore alternative options or wait for the app to stabilize.

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