I got invited to post.news beta - how to create an account?

so here I just got this email from a post news better and yeah if you join their white list yeah I just joined it like few days ago maybe one two days ago and yeah I'm already in through the white list it was set in previous emails that there are almost like 130 000 plus people in the waitlist just in a few days as this app is considered to be one of the alternatives to Twitter it's like kind of quite basic but it's very also useful and it got viral uh like minimalistic Twitter without all his drama um so yeah there you have it you can all always use my referral link post.news question mark R equals TX ma8 so here you can see it um so yeah basically then what you need to do is just enter your display name like what you want visible to post reader and you can't change your handle and then enter your email and password and tap continue so that's how you create an account in post news if you were accepted

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