I still CAN’t CREATE CHANNELS in WhatsApp…

I still cannot create channels in WhatsApp, despite the channels feature being heavily discussed. When I tapped on the plus icon in WhatsApp, I was unable to find any option to create a channel. Although there is a discovery feature that allows users to search for existing channels, the ability to create a new channel seems to be limited.

According to my research, this feature should be available to everyone; however, it appears that WhatsApp is rolling out the feature slowly, giving priority to certain organizations such as football clubs and publishers. As a regular user, I am currently unable to create a channel on WhatsApp.

This limitation is somewhat disappointing, as channels could have allowed users to share information and content with a larger audience in a more organized manner. However, it seems that WhatsApp has focused on catering to specific entities for now.

To summarize, the inability to create channels in WhatsApp is a current issue that many users are facing. While features like discovery are available, the option to create a new channel is not yet accessible to regular users. It remains to be seen how WhatsApp will address this limitation and when the feature will be fully rolled out to all users.

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