I still can’t record videos even with Locket GOLD subscription

I recently came across a video transcript where a frustrated user discusses their inability to record videos, even after purchasing a Locket GOLD subscription. This raises concerns about the functionality of the Locket camera app and the support provided by the company.

The user expresses their disappointment, stating that despite their subscription upgrade, they are still unable to utilize the video recording feature. This situation prompts them to consider reaching out to Locket's support team for assistance.

To contact Locket's support, the user mentions that customers can visit goldhelp at locketcamera.com. This web address provides a direct means of communication with the support team. By tapping on the "get help" option, users are redirected to the support page, where they can submit their inquiry or concern.

The user further explains that even with their new phone, they are unable to record videos by tapping and holding the screen. This issue perplexes them, as they are unsure why this functionality is not working as expected. They speculate it might be a bug or some other software-related issue causing the problem.

This scenario highlights the importance of reliable software and prompt customer support in the tech industry. It is frustrating for users when they encounter issues, especially after investing in a premium subscription. Promptly addressing and resolving these concerns is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the video transcript showcases a user's frustration with the Locket camera app, specifically regarding their inability to record videos despite having a Locket GOLD subscription. The user intends to contact Locket's support team for assistance in resolving the issue. It is essential for companies to prioritize functionality and promptly address any concerns raised by their customers.

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