ibis Paint X - app overview

so here is the app eb spain x um that's one of the top growing apps right now where you can just create really amazing uh overviews like really amazing paintings like realistic brushes like super january like layer and blend mode functions precise rulers instructive speed painting movie community so it's like super interesting app and basically for example here is the picture i just have all this like the really advanced kind of uh brushes and like you know filters you can use different uh uh yeah you can use a razor i don't know but i'm not like a painter but like here you can just uh upload your own picture and start drawing some like you know some really incredible stuff um so like i can use so this is i can just brush it up like this there are so many instruments here where you can select sickness and then i can just do something like this uh time series last surprise magic wand i don't know what that does then gap recognition like it's kind of like a photoshop in your mobile uh eyedropper pocket and then you can just do like that i don't know uh frame divider canvas also there are all these squares and there are all these like tutorials which you can use so here you have also all these like patterns like japanese pattern that you can just add here and yeah wow so something like that and then so as you can see the opportunities here are enormous uh this is just my gallery but here you can see what professional people are doing like you can see all the all these images which just insane and quality like how can you like draw it something like that with this app that's just amazing and you can go to online gallery and you can see all these illustrations which you can try which you can download and then try to uh refurbish them so and that's that's actually cool and then you can have all these coloring pages which you can just download and try to color them uh yourself so that's i think that's super cool feature if you don't want like you know if you're not a professional artist but that but you just want to use this app as a nice color next coloring experience so just yeah download these ones and you can try them so this is the free app and as you can see there are ads but i think there is also like a paid version of this app where you need to buy like 9.99 and then that's a paid version um yeah then probably there will be no ads but hope this quick order was enjoyable enjoyable and um yet definitely give a try for this app if you like painting and you want to find some hobby you don't need to use pc you can just do it on your mobile thank you for watching

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