Ibotta app - how to get a Thanksgiving dinner cashback worth $26!

hey everyone so here is the ibotta app where you can save and earn the cashback so you can get and unlock twenty dollars in welcome cashback from iboda app so you just need to add your phone number here and then tap send on their website ibotta.com to get this cashback so otherwise also i will just show you how to install the app so here is the app i bought a save and earn cashback it's get 150 dollars cashback a year when you shop with ibotta so iboda is an app that gives you real cash back on every purchase online or in store earn cashback every time you shop for essentials groceries and more join the bottle today and start earning um so if you sign up for ibotta and get your sank you can get your science given dinner on the house join today for 100 percent cash back on turkey stuffing and more when you shop with ibotta so that's i think very good idea to download ibotta app now because you can get a 100 cashback on turkey stuffing and more when you show us ibotta so yeah just open the app now okay anyway so i think this app is just available from there from the us territory it's not available elsewhere uh so you can get the ibotta app for free since given dinner was 26 dollars that's hundred percent back on the whole shiban turkey stuff in potatoes and more shop anywhere redeem offers get cash back so there you have it and then you can have all this money saving offers at all your favorite stores like walmart uber safe drizzly cvs dark dash and all of that so there you have it but definitely try it out for thanksgiving here so yeah hope that is helpful if you have any other tips about thanksgiving dinner with zbot i'll leave it in the comments below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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