Icon Themer: LockScreen widget - app overview

here's interesting app called icon themer lock screen widget so let's just install it here and explore together you can use this app for so this app is about aesthetic themes and icons custom your home screen beautiful app icons stylish your widgets and all of that choose lock screen widget packs themes wallpaper and app icon slippery to make your own lock screens icons themes wallpapers and widgets for all apps on your home screen with aesthetic Concepts the icon lock screen features that seems also allows you to conceptualize your home screen with aesthetic seams and wallpapers for your iOS 16 enabled iPhone so yeah to use lock screen widgets you need to have IOS 16 or later which is only available I think from uh iPhone 8 or later and this is like a new feature where again you need to be upgraded to iOS 16 so but it's not the only feature here you also have themes you also have apps wallpapers and all of that so if you don't have IOS 16 you can still use this app to do standard customizations so here you instantly need to upgrade to Icon streamer premium where you can design your own themes and basically this is how it looks like where you can accept a lot of themes some of the themes are paid some of them you just free so what is the theme theme is basically is a combination of wallpaper icon and and widget yeah my home screen was lacking some cohesiveness so that's that so here you also have icons uh and wallpapers so there are widgets uh so usually if you're just starting with this app I would just really recommend you to just you know start with the theme because in the theme you have everything organized you have icons widgets and wallpapers in one place um is then it will be just much easier for you to use all of it um yeah hope that's this is just a quick preview just follow the instructions if you want to install icons uh uh or like wechats it's yeah it can be a bit complicated in the beginning but then you will just can get a hand of it like with icons you will need to use a shortcuts app with widgets you just need to tap and hold on your home screen and then you will see absolutely and then you can just tap plus icon and then just install install widgets so here something around that hope that can be helpful

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