ICQ app preview & how to create account?

here is the app which is called icq it was really huge like i guess in 2006 or something like that in eastern europe and russia uh but now is this uh they maintained that the brand and of course changed almost every scene and um and then now it's like a really cool online messenger where you can do voice and video calls in order not to spend money on the phone make calls for icq may calls for your voice in video with a large group or one-on-one you can add stickers you can suggest responses convert voice messages channels chat spots many free nicknames video call masks and this app has over 45 000 ratings so let's just open it up and let's see how it works like in ukraine this app was really hugely popular like in 2006 uh there was like a specific um like voice sound when you open this app similar as you as to slack right now these days or like maybe to discord and this was one of these first chat apps um so yep but i'm just not sure so yep that's just my account because i already created that um and yep you can just create your account meanwhile this app is updating you can give access to the contacts and it just looks similar to you know slack or discord in a way so yes that's how you get started

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