ID by amo - you need to invite friends, but then still can’t sign up

Today, let's talk about the ID by Amo app, which has been the subject of frustration for many users. The primary complaint revolves around the frustrating requirement of inviting friends in order to gain access to the app. But the annoyance doesn't stop there. Even after inviting friends, users are still unable to sign up for the app. It's almost as if they are stuck in a never-ending loop.

In the video transcript, the user expresses their dismay with the app. They mention that despite inviting friends, they are still met with the same message: "Sorry, this app won't let you in." This leaves users feeling frustrated and perplexed as to why they were asked to invite friends in the first place if it ultimately leads to no progress.

Furthermore, the user also expresses dissatisfaction with the app's requirement to give access to their contacts. This adds yet another layer of annoyance for users who are already frustrated with the invite-only system. It seems like a hassle to go through the process of inviting friends and having them accept, only to find out that it didn't contribute to gaining access.

Although the process ultimately worked for the user in the end, they note that the onboarding process was still quite complicated. This highlights another aspect of the app that may deter potential users from fully embracing it.

In conclusion, the ID by Amo app appears to have some issues with its onboarding process and the requirement to invite friends. This has left many users feeling frustrated and questioning the purpose of the invite-only system. While some may eventually gain access to the app, the complicated onboarding process may discourage others from doing so. As an app designed to connect friends, it's essential for ID by Amo to address these concerns and find a smoother, more user-friendly solution.

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