If you delete Locket Widget from yourself - will it be deleted from a friend?

so i got this question from my of uh youtube viewers about locket widget app if you delete widget from myself he didn't be deleted from a friend so he can understand that i deleted him so as i understood so the question is so let's just install the locket widget so if i have locket widget installed here and then i just delete this widget so i can just remove the widget will it be removed from my friend screen i guess no it's not how it works so the the widget will still appear on on your front screen but yeah it doesn't affect uh uh yeah that it just means that you won't be able to receive your friends images on your widget but you still will be able to send images to your friends widget so here i have like locket widget and recently they have these updates where you can add widgets and then like all these widgets i can edit this widget i can remove it but it doesn't change anything if i just take a photo i still can send select friends here at the bottom and send photos to them so that's basically how it works hope it is helpful

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