If you delete your original BeReal - your Bonus BeReals will also be deleted!

Have you ever posted multiple burials on BeReal, but want to delete the original one? According to a recent video transcript released by the platform, if you delete your original BeReal, any bonus BeReals you have will also be deleted.

In the video, the BeReal user explains that if you have posted multiple burials and delete your original one, all additional burials will also be deleted. This means that if you posted three burials and delete the first one, all three burials will be deleted, including any bonus BeReals you received.

However, if you choose to delete one of your bonus burials, only that specific burial will be deleted. You will still retain your original BeReal and any other bonus burials you have posted.

To clarify, imagine you have three burials posted. The first one is your original BeReal, and the other two are bonus burials. If you delete the first burial, then all three will be deleted. But if you delete one of the bonus burials, the other bonus burial and the original BeReal will remain intact.

It's important to keep this in mind when posting multiple burials on BeReal. If you want to delete your original BeReal, be aware that any bonus burials you received will also be deleted.

In conclusion, BeReal is a great platform to showcase your life story through multiple burials. Just remember that if you want to delete your original burial, any bonus burials you have will also be deleted. So always think twice before deleting any of your burials on BeReal.

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