If you don’t see a RED BUTTON in NGL app - it is a bot/fake message!

In recent news, a video transcript has shed light on a significant feature in the NGL app. The video explained that if users do not see a red button within the app, it means they are receiving a message from a bot or a fake account.

According to the transcript, a red button indicates that the message is from a real person and not a bot-generated question. However, if users only see one black button and receive a message that says "send with love from Team NGL," it means that the question is from a bot.

The video also states that the "send with love from Team NGL" messages are part of NGL's efforts to periodically send love messages to brighten users' days. While these bot-generated questions are explicitly marked as such, users can disable them at any time through the app's settings.

The transcript further reveals that many anonymous polling apps have similar bot-generated questions. However, the issue arises when users are required to upgrade or pay a fee to discover that the message they received was from a bot. This practice can be seen as deceptive and akin to a money laundering scheme.

Fortunately, NGL has taken steps to address this concern. They have made it clear that bot questions are sent by bots, providing transparency to users who may have been misled in the past. This move is considered a positive aspect of the NGL app.

It is essential for users to be aware of the distinction between messages from real people and those generated by bots. By understanding this, users can make informed decisions and engage with the app in a more secure and trustworthy manner.

In conclusion, the NGL app has brought attention to the differentiation between messages from real people and those generated by bots. Through clear disclosure, users can now identify and manage bot-generated questions more effectively, ensuring a better user experience.

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