If you follow on Threads - will you also follow on Instagram automatically?

If you follow on Threads, will you also follow on Instagram automatically?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you follow someone on the Threads app? Will you automatically follow them on Instagram as well? In this video transcript, we'll clarify the confusion surrounding this topic.

The transcript starts with the question, "So if you follow someone on Threads app, will you automatically follow them on Instagram?" The answer is no. Following someone on Threads does not automatically translate to following them on Instagram.

To elaborate, let's take an example from the video. The speaker mentions seeing a profile on Threads and noticing that they are not currently following them on Instagram. A blue "follow" button is visible on the profile. If the speaker were to click on this button and follow the account, it does not mean they will now be following the same person on Instagram.

The same principle applies to unfollowing. If you were to unfollow someone on Threads, it will have no impact on your Instagram account. Unfollowing on Threads does not unfollow the person on Instagram.

The confusion arises because Threads app requires users to sign up with their Instagram account. This integration allows users to import contacts from Instagram and perform various interactions within the Threads app. However, it's important to note that any actions you take, such as following or unfollowing someone, liking their posts, or engaging with their content, are limited to the Threads app. These interactions do not sync with your Instagram app.

To summarize, when you follow, unfollow, or engage with someone on Threads, it does not affect your Instagram account. All the interactions you have on Threads remain exclusive to the app. Remember, Threads is primarily an app for communication, login, and contact importing, while Instagram remains a separate platform for social media engagement.

We hope this clarifies any confusion surrounding the relationship between Threads and Instagram. Happy connecting and messaging on Threads, while keeping your Instagram interactions separate and distinct!

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