If you follow someone on Threads, will you automatically follow on Instagram?

If you follow someone on the Threads app and you're not following them on Instagram, will you automatically follow them on Instagram? That's a question that many users have been curious about. While it might seem logical to assume that following someone on one platform would automatically carry over to another, the reality is a bit different.

In this video transcript, the speaker explains that following someone on Threads does not automatically mean that you are following that person on Instagram. So, if you follow someone on Threads but haven't connected with them on Instagram, you won't be automatically following them there.

For example, let's say you find an interesting account on Threads and decide to follow it. You tap the "follow" button, and it appears as though you are now connected. However, if you were to switch over to Instagram and check the account, you would see that you are not actually following them.

This distinction is important to note, as it means that you have to manually follow someone on both platforms if you want to engage with their content fully. Following them on Threads will only impact your experience within the app itself and will not carry over to Instagram.

While this may seem like a minor inconvenience, it does highlight the separate nature of these platforms. Threads is designed to be a more private space for close friends and is centered around status updates, while Instagram is a more public platform where users can share a wider range of content.

So, the next time you start following someone on Threads, don't assume that you are automatically following them on Instagram as well. Remember to manually connect with them on both platforms if you want to stay engaged with their updates.

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